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Leon Bembo

...was  born in 1977 in  Prague, Czechoslovakia.  His mother comes from Czech R.  and father from the democratic republic of Kongo. In the light  of his roots, his enthusiasm for salsa, Afro-Cuban folklore and rumba  is not at all surprising. He started to do sport actively when he was 10.

He  played rugby, taekwon-do, basketball, American football and eventually  he took to dance. It all started 11 years ago when he visited the Latino  club Corona for the first time and, hearing the rhythm of Caribic, it  fired him with enthusiasm which lasts up to now. In 2000, he  was taught basis of the Cuban salsa by Mandy Valdése with whom he later  performed at the Delux club and other parties. As one of  the first members of the dance group Tradición, he had been appearing on  many social events throughout the Czech Repbulic for 6 years. For  example, in 2002 NewYear´s Eve party with Anděl, in 2004, 2005,2006 Miss  CR, Final Four 2007 in Sazka Arena and many other. In 2003 he  met Saul Barbosa "Papa Rumba" in Spain who introduced him into the world  of Afro-Cuban folklore and Cuban rumba.

He had the  opportunity to visit the festival Mulabe and see live the Cuban music  performed by the masters Isaac Delgada, Haila and Eliades Ochoy from  Buena Vista Social Club who together with the dance show of  Papa Rumba,  Augustin Wiliams, Johny Vzaquez and Ramon Morales made an unforgettable  impression on him and had a great influence on his further development  in dance. In 2004 he danced in the project of Rumba Stylo  founded by Papa Rumba. He appeared under this name on the festivals  Capital Tropical,Congreso Mundial de la salsa in Valencia and the Mulabe  fest. In 2005, he organised the festival Prague Salsatour  together with Papa Rumba. He appeared there with Tradición, Papa Rumba,  Augustin Williams, Marie Claire, Rafa "Olofison" and Doris Martinez. He made his  debut as a dance instructor in Bulgaria on the Salsa Sea fest Varna  where he gave lectures of salsa together with the world-known Cuban  dancer Alfredo Torrese. In 2006,2007,2008 and 2009 he appeared on the  festivals in Spain and in Slovakia; Danzarte Castellón 06,08,09,Málaga  07,Barcelona fest 07,Bratislava Salsa fest 04,07,08.

In 2007 he  set out for Cuba for studying Afro-Cuban folklore and Cuban rumba led by  the dance master Barbara Ramos - the principal dancer of the legendary  band Los Munequitos de Matnzas. By the end of 2007 he founded the project Afrolatino. In April  2008 he organised the fest Afrolatino together with Jambo Mulimbwe with  participation of Michel Kouakou (Ivory Coast), Daudet Grazai (Ivory  Coast), Virginia Delgado(Spain), Papa Rumba(Cuba), Rafa "Olofison"(Cuba),  Misladys Gonzales(Cuba), Doris Martinez(Cuba), Jorge Concepción(Cuba),  Tradición(CR), Pedrito "Son Caliente"(Cuba), Betty (Cuba)  a FS  Orchestra(CR).

Nowadays, he collaborates with the excellent dancer  Danays Drakes Neninger with whom he makes a unique couple. These are  the artists he learns from and who has always been inspiring him : Papa  Rumba, Michel Kouakou, Augustin Williams, Daudet Grazai, Alberto Valdes,  Rafa"Olofison", Barbaro Ramos, Alfredo Torres, Yvonne Sanchez a Luis  Conte. Leon´s life philosophy and motto is "Explore new  artistic horizons, work hard and be happy in the rhythms of charming  Afro-Cuban music and dance, and spread positive energy."

Que viva la  musica y el baile AFROLATINO!!!

Leon Bembo "el rumbero"


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