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Entry to the festival

Entry to the Latin festival Hot Tatras 23 (April 27 – April 30, 2023) is possible only for participants who have purchased one of the following packages, or single tickets.

  • Full package for 3 nights at hotel Grand**** from Thursday until Sunday
  • Full package for 2 nights at hotel Grand**** from Friday until Sunday
  • Full Pass (workshops & parties without accommodation and meals)
  • Single party tickets will be available for purchase on the spot in front of the reception (at the hotel entrance)

Please note that without a Full Pass it is not possible to use all the benefits and discounts that will be provided during the festival at Hotel Grand****. It is not possible to move around the hotel during the day! Only after 9:00 pm in case you have purchased a single party ticket.

Arriving at the festival – 2 options:

  • Thursday, April 27 from 2:00 pm (if rooms are already available, you can check in from 12:00 pm). Package A3, B3, D3
  • Friday, Friday from 2:00 pm (if rooms are already available, you can check in from 12:00 pm). Package A2, B2, D2

Arrival on Saturday is possible only when you purchase a package that starts on Friday.

Leaving the festival

  •  Sunday, April 30 – check-out by 5:00 pm

Is it possible to use a holiday voucher for Hot Tatras?

YES, we can issue an invoice for you in order to use a holiday voucher for Hot Tatras.
1. All you have to do is to provide your billing information (i.e., name, surname, permanent address, number of people, and the amount for which you need to issue the invoice) when you register in the notes section. We recommend you check the terms and conditions that you need to fulfill (e.g., confirmation of payment) with your accounting department beforehand.
2. Based on this information, we will issue an invoice and send you a signed and stamped electronic version, which serves as an official accounting document.
3. If you have any questions, send us an email at: horucetatry [at] norika [dot] sk

Full Board

  • Full Board in each Full Package includes breakfast (in the form of buffet tables), lunch, and dinner (in the form of buffet tables) - please report any special diet (e.g. celiac diet) in the notes in the application!
  • The hotel will send an online questionnaire in advance, where package holders from Thursday for 3 nights will express their interest in a buffet dinner on Thursday 27.04.
  • 3-night Package: Your full board starts with breakfast on Friday (April 28) and ends with lunch on Sunday (April 30) 
  • 2-night Package: Your full board starts with lunch on Friday (April 28) and ends with lunch on Sunday (Sunday 30)
  • Full Pass holders (not accommodated at Hotel Grand) with their colored wristbands have an option to purchase lunches and dinners individually at the reception – 1 meal/€17, or alternatively use other restaurants nearby.

Dance workshops will be offered at 4 levels:

  • Improvers: from at least 3 to 6 months
  • Pre-intermediate: from at least 6 months to 1 year
  • Intermediate: from 1 year to 2 years
  • Advanced: around 3 years and more!

Please note:
We recommend you choose workshops at your dance level. If you decide to attend a workshop at a higher level, please bring a dance partner with you. To secure a high quality of workshops, the organizers (Team Salsa by Norika) can remind you of this during the workshops.


You want to come, but have nobody to share the room with?

Choose a package A3, or A2 (depending on the number of nights) and write in the notes section that you are looking for a roommate. If you have any other questions write to us at: horucetatry [at] norika [dot] sk (Katka Šišková)

CANCELLATION OPTIONS FROM March 1st, 2023 - Cancellation/ refund of a purchased Package or Full Pass
1) First, try to offer your Package or Full Pass to somebody else at a slightly discounted price. For this, you can use the HT23 event on Facebook
In this case, you only need to inform us about the change of nameshorucetatry [at] norika [dot] sk (Katka Šišková)

2) Untill March 31st, 2023, if you are not successful in selling it to somebody else, write to us and we will try to offer the room to somebody who is interested – the administration fee is €40. (We will refund you €40 less if we are successful): horucetatry [at] norika [dot] sk (Katka Šišková )

3) From April 1st till April 11, 2023, In case there is nobody interested in purchasing your Full Pass, or Full Package at Hotel Grand, we can refund you only 50% of the original price 

4) From April 12, 2022 (exactly 14 days before the event), we won’t refund any amount!

Have you lost the bank account number, variable symbol, or the exact amount?

Horuce Tatry s.r.o.
Business ID: 53297202
Tax ID: 2121387873
Address: Čsl. Parašutistov 11
83103 Bratislava

Tatra Bank:
IBAN: SK4211000000002944130944

or send us an email at: horucetatry [at] norika [dot] sk



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