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Alternative (Covid) Plan

We would like to inform you about several possibilities we have, to organize event Hot Tatras 22.

We must follow the current regulations for Slovakia, according to which it should be clear, which option we will be able to use and we hope that we will be able to present a suitable version of the event to you as soon as possible.

It is likely that tests will be required (it is not yet clear what kind of tests will be needed). However, we believe that they will be available timewise and moneywise (if necessary, we will arrange a rapid test at the entrance to the club).

A) Original event

* full capacity of hotel Grand****

* with originally scheduled guests (line up)

* Full Pass or Party Pass for full price + tests


B) Reduced event

* reduced capacity of hotel Grand****

* with a smaller number
*with local line up (from Slovakia)

* Full Pass and Party Pass for reduced price (details about the lineup and DJs would be announced immediately) + tests

C) Cancelled event

* if the event cannot take place at all, we will refund you the full price


As you can see, friends, we are trying to prepare for different scenarios, so let's keep our fingers crossed that it will work out...


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